Georg Friedrich Handel

Black and white drawing of the famous composer Georg Friedrich Handel.

Handel, a German composer during the 1700s is perhaps most well-known for his work, Messiah. The world almost lost this talented composer to the world of law. Honoring his father’s last wish, the young Handel went off to law school. Thankfully, music held a stronger place in Handel’s heart and he abandoned his legal studies to become the organist at the Protestant Cathedral.

This wonderfully vintage, black and white drawing of the famous composer depicts Handel holding the score to his Messiah. This copyright free portrait is wonderful as both a portrait of George Friedrich Handel as well as an example of the clothing gentleman of the period wore.

This vintage drawing was included in Little Snowdrop’s Picture Book, published by George Routledge and Sons of London around 1879.

Portrait of Georg Friedrich Handel

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