Argus Pheasant Drawing

There were two artists who had the initials T.W. Wood. One was an American and the other a Brit. It was the British artist we are honoring today. Thomas Wood (not sure where the second W comes from) was an English zoological illustrator. He illustrated for Darwin and a number of other naturalists, including William Bernhard Tegetmeier(1816-1912), the author of, Pheasants: Their Natural History and Practical Management, the 1881 book where this bird drawing is from.

This argus pheasant drawing shows two male birds putting on a display for the girls. While these pheasants are not as colorful as some of the others, they really strut their stuff during mating season. Their tails rival those of peacocks; with hundreds of eyes decorating their beautiful fans. Unfortunately, their features became in great demand for the garment industry and the birds are now considered near-threatened.

These beautiful birds are native to the jungles of Borneo, the Malay Peninsula (in southeast Asia) and Sumatra.

argus pheasant drawing

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