The Letter T

A growing collection of fancy letter T images. Creating a webpage or craft project that uses drop caps and you need a ‘T’? You’ve come to the right place!

All of the downloadable letter images here are copyright free in the United States and their sources are listed for anyone wishing to research the copyright status of these free images anywhere else.

Letter T with Bird from

Letter T with Bird

Charming vintage letter T drawing with flowers and a little bird. This letter T with bird drop cap letter is one of 13 used in an 1867 work.

Fanciful Letter T

The 66th letter T image that I’ve added to Reusable Art is a fanciful letter T image with an Old English style letter and delicate curliques.

Letter T Design

Lovely, vintage, black and white letter T design. It features a dark letter T, flowers, leaves and a hidden surprise. It is one of 18 from a set of letters.

T and Deer

T and Deer is a wonderful vintage letter T image that dates back to at least 1893 when it appeared in a book about Yellowstone and Alaska.

Letter T with Church

Downloadable letter T image with a country church in the background. Dating back to 1854, it is easily in the public domain and usable on your own projects.

Illuminated T

Large, vintage illuminated T. This fancy letter and drop cap letter T features several elements including bird heads, a foot and other decorative elements.