The Letter S

S’marvelous, awfully nice. Fancy letter S images just waiting for downloading. They are all copyright free and many of them are over 100 years old. Drop cap images like these are often designed by print foundries for use by publishers. They bought engravings and printing plates like we buy stock photos. Now, many of these wonderful vintage pieces are in the public domain.

Use them alone as monograms or as part of a larger artistic work. Either way, these letter images are certain to make your project truly splendid.

Letter S Design

Letter S design from 1887. It is black and white with a dark letter surrounded by leaves, flowers and a mythological beast that looks like a lion.

Celtic S Image

Identified as a grotesque this vintage Celtic S image depicts a bird as the letter S. Check out the feet sticking out of the side. A fun and charming letter.

Drop Cap S

Vintage letter S image with ivy leaves and vines.