The Letter P

When perfectly placed and positioned a drop cap letter P just might provide a positive result. Phew, I’m running out of words that begin with the letter P to describe all of these great vintage letter images. These fancy letter images are from a variety of vintage books, magazines and other printed materials. One of them dates all the way back to 1715.

A number of long-forgotten artists and engravers used flowers, curlicues and doodle-like drawings to surround letter P’s and create artistic elements to enhance otherwise text-filled works. Now through the magic of the Internet and Reusable Art, you can include these pieces of history to decorate your own creative endeavors.

Letter p with flowers

Letter P with Flowers

Pretty letter p with flowers. One of 13 decorative letter images from a French work about flowers from 1867.

Large P Image

Truly large P image from an 1889 map of East Portland.

Initial Letter P

Truly vintage is this 15th Century initial letter P image. It might have been printed or might have been painted but either way it is quite striking.

Open Letter P

Vintage open letter P from 1860. Small, but highly versatile line drawing of a drop cap letter P image. Easily colorized and modified.

Cursive P

Let me preface this description with a thought – is cursive writing a dying art? To think, when folks had feather quills and ink wells, they often drew their letters with as much flourish and style as this cursive letter P image. Instead of learning those skills ourselves, we often rely upon the talented folks […]

Letter P Design

Vintage letter P design from 1887. One of a set of 18, this letter image features leaves and flowers decorating a black letter P. 150px by 281px.

1715 Drop Cap P

It does not get more vintage than 1715 when it comes to vintage images. This drop cap p letter drawing has a white letter P surrounded by black flowers.

Drop Cap P

Colorful drop cap P letter image that was part of a presentation plate in awarding a book to a child in 1895.