The Letter O

Oh why not come in and look and see all of the wonderful letter O images that I have shared with thee. A bit of flowers here, some leaves and a bit of color too. Should hopefully not leave you feeling blue. Oh how poetic this little description of mine; I just know that these public domain fancy letter O’s are divine.

Perfect for your next arts and crafts project or webpage where the use of a drop cap O will make the page really zing.

fancy letter O with flowers

O with Flowers

Nice letter O with flowers from and 1867 work. One of 13 stylized letters that are now in the public domain and free to download.

O with Vines

Vintage letter O with vines. Dark letter decorated with vines, leaves, flowers and curling tendrils.

Letter O Design

Vintage letter O design. Features leaves, flowers, vines and a mythological bird character. Nice size at 1.5 x 2.8 inches too. One of a set of 18 letters.

Letter O with Heron

Dark and dramatic, public domain letter O with heron drawing. It dates back to 1893 and is in the public domain since no illustrator was credited.

Oh, Curious Dog, a Letter O Drawing

Oh such a curious dog is the central decoration of this vintage letter O drawing. A most interesting public domain fancy letter image from 1893.

Vintage O Image

This fancy letter O image, looks vintage, is vintage and is in the public domain.

Fancy Letter O

Fancy letter O drawing with a little girl and her kitten.