The Letter M

Maybe it’s just me but when I look through all of these wonderful fancy letter M drawings I feel a bit nostalgic and marvel at how they are over 100 years old. The artist who drew them is long gone but their work has been preserved for numerous generations to enjoy. They are all now in the public domain which means you can use these letter M images freely in your own projects without worries about copyrights.

They’re perfect to create drop cap effects on webpages, scrapbook pages, notecards, and whatever else creative minds might be looking for a fancy M for.

Pretty letter M image with a large flower.

Pretty Letter M with Sunflower

Pretty letter M image with a large flower. The flower looks as if it might be a sunflower. But, no matter what you call the flower, the leaves, berries and vines make this letter image a real prize.

M with Ivy Leaves

Vintage letter image from 1878. M with ivy vines is a smaller image only about an inch square.

Letter M Design

How could I not love this letter M design or any drop cap M for that matter? I am Michele and you will find many vintage letters on my site

Elaborate M Drawing

A pretty and elaborate M drawing that dates back to at least 1870 when it was included in a book on decorative design.