The Letter F

Fabulous drop cap and fancy letter F images. From a fox to flowers and flourishes, these fancy letters offer a wide variety of options for crafters, artists and writers to use with their creative endeavors.

Rescued from the dusty pages of old books, magazines and other printed materials, these public domain F drawings are free for downloading. Have fun. Be fabulous and fight against boring.

So if your name is Fran, Frank, Felicity, Flo, Fritz or something else fabulous that starts with the letter F, we might just have the perfect fancy letter F image for your monogram.

F is for Flowers

At first glance, you might think this is a P or an E but look again and it becomes clear that the artist meant for this drop cap image to be used as an F. This letter f image is from an 1870 text that discussed the common themes and ideas utilized by a group […]

Fanciful Letter F

Public domain drawing of a fanciful letter F. It dates back to 1886 which means you can use it freely in your own creative works.

Letter F Design

Vintage letter F design with flowers and leaves; 1 of 18 black and white print foundry drop cap letters. Use alone or in multiples. Free on

Delicate Letter F Image

Ivy vines are used to decorate this vintage and delicate letter F image from the 1800s. Find it and many other fancy letter F images on

F Image

Black and white fancy letter F image.

Block Print Letter F

Block print letter F image. White letter and decoration on a black background. We also have 22 other letters created by the same print foundry.