Fancy Letter Drop Caps

Looking for drop cap images but can’t find the match of a good illustration and the letter style that you like? These drop caps are frames where you can insert your own fancy letter image.

These letter images will work with any letter of the alphabet and are all in the public domain. You can download them and use them on your creative projects as drop caps or teeny frames.

Theses frames would also make great embroidery images. You could easily add a design in the center of the letter frame to create a single special little something.

Drop Cap Frame

You can’t get much more vintage than 1651. This floral drop cap frame is over 360 years old. Add any letter in the font of your choice for a custom look.

Very Vintage Letter Frame

This very vintage letter frame dates back to 1778. Clearly public domain and made from a wood cut, the frame has a rope like border with a floral garland.

Drop Cap 5

Four flowers decorate this blank drop cap image.

Drop Cap 6

Drop cap frame for use with any letter.

Drop Cap 8

Drop cap border image for fancy lettering.

Drop Cap 9

Art deco style drop cap letter image frame.