Tree Drawings

Trees grow tall all around us yet we all too often take them for granted. This collection of vintage tree images shows the beauty and majesty of these largest of living things which grow on this great planet of ours.

From forests to single beautiful specimens, the trees pictured in this group of copyright free tree images are bound to please.

Simple Tree Drawings

Simple tree drawings from 1864. Simple black lines on a white background to create a pair of public domain tree drawings for you to enjoy.

Cedar Tree Drawing

Cedar trees are among my favorites. They’re so green and the branches draped with needles. This cedar tree drawing dates all the way back to 1750.

Magnolia Print

Free magnolia print ready for downloading to be used in your own artistic creations. Big white flowers and a seed pod with scarlet seeds.

Acacia Senegal Tree Branch Drawing

Acacia Senegal Drawing

Vintage acacia senegal drawing. Also know as an arabic gum tree. Public domain drawing from an 1911 encyclopedia.

Fall Leaves

Bright, bold and lovely advertising image featuring a spray of fall leaves. Red, yellows, oranges and greens really make this a standout illustration.

Oak Leaves

This vintage botanical print is over 200 years old. Great depiction of 4 different kinds of oak trees. Includes oak leaves and acorns.

magnolia tree flower

Magnolia Flower

250 year old full-color book plate illustration of a magnolia flower. Would make a beautiful addition to your next creative project.

Oak Leaves & Acorns

Drawing of a small oak tree branch with leaves and acorns. This oak leaves and acorns drawing is from the artist William Walker (b. 1821).

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