Eleventh Edition Encyclopedia

This is one of several pages of vintage images for the special image category Eleventh Edition Encyclopedia where you can find a number of images by this illustrator or related to this theme.

Vintage Australian Map

A great vintage Australian map from 1910. It shows the temporary location of the capital in Melbourne and was created only shortly after they gained their independence from England.

Bushbuck Antelope

Bushbuck antelope drawing from a vintage encyclopedia. Black and white drawing from 1911.

Tandem Bike Illustration

Tandem bike illustration from 1911 of the famous Raleigh tandem designed for two ladies to ride.

ladys bike drawing

Lady’s Bike

Vintage lady’s bike drawing from 1911. Black and white drawing that could just as easily have been drawn today.

Harvestmen Spider

Vintage harvestmen spider drawing from 1910. Black and white spider illustration would be great for mixed media projects.

Trap Door Spider

Wonderfully large and detailed Liphistius desultor or trap door spider drawing from 1910.

Honey Bee Drawing

Public domain honey bee drawing from 1910. Wonderful black and white illustration that even shows the tiny little hairs on the bee’s torso.

Horseshoe Crab

Vintage horseshoe crab drawing from 1910. Black and white drawing of these living fossils found along the Atlantic Coast of the United States.

Basset Horn Drawing

Great vintage instrument illustration. Basset horn drawing from 1910. Public domain just about everywhere too. Two different views showing all of the keys.

Basket Parts

Who knew there were so many different terms used in basket making. I didn’t. You will though with this vintage public domain basket parts drawing.

Bee Hive Drawing

Vintage bee hive drawing from an old encyclopedia depicting a W.B.C. hive.

Amblypoda Skeleton Drawing

Vintage 1911 amblypoda skeleton drawing. The amblypoda was a mammal that lived during the Eocene Period.