The Three Gossips

This vintage, yet clip-art like, drawing has fun with a term we rarely use anymore – tabbies. The short poem that accompanied this drawing referred to the three ladies, not the three cats, as tabbies. A tabby can be defined as a spinster or a hateful gossip. It is also a reference to a cat, most often a female cat. While there’s no way of knowing if the ladies in this drawing are truly hateful gossips, we do know that at least one of the cats is a female since all calico cats are females – we’ll just have to assume that the black and white cats are also females.

Have fun with this Kate Greenaway drawing. If you need three ladies gossiping, then I’ve found a great contender for you.

Under the Window is one of the many children’s books which contained illustrations by Kate Greenaway (1846-1901). It was published in 1879.

the three gossips

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