White Mountain Goat

This vintage animal print from 1822 was originally labeled as an “antelope laineuse.” Other than prints of this same drawing, I have not found any references to an animal with that name. I also looked for white antelope and did not find any references that seemed to match either.

Jean Baptiste Geneviève Marcellin (1778-1846) described this animal as jumping around a bit like a kangaroo which got me thinking about goats. After a little searching, I suspect this fellow isn’t an antelope at all but is a white mountain goat. When you look at the classification, antelopes and goats belong in the family Bovidae. So, I am going out on a little bit of a limb but I’m putting this beautiful white creature amongst the collection of goat images here on Reusable Art.

The work is a bit unique as the goat is sitting on a patch of dirt and grass that seems suspended in air – perhaps a reference to the high places white mountain goats tend to live. His fur is all white and he has two, somewhat small black horns.

white mountain goat

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