Fun at the Watering Hole

Vintage drawing of children having fun in their favorite watering hole. This drawing has enough detail to make it interesting but not so much to overpower other elements if it were added to a scrapbook page. With such a light-beige background, it would probably work well as an overlay too.

Two little boys and a little girl are swimming and having fun at the beach. It is not clear if this is a beach at the seaside or a river but anyone can relate to the concept of children at the beach and having fun together.

If you look closely, you might spot the old-style swimsuits that were designed to be modest. I have it on good authority, from an older relative, that the swimsuits became exceptionally heavy when they got wet. She said it was almost an effort to swim in them because they were so heavy. Sometimes they were actually made of wool. Ever deal with wet wool clothing? It takes absolutely forever to dry. Can’t imagine why anyone thought it would make a good bathing suit.

Along with the three children, a pair of dogs and a gentleman are enjoying the day. One dog sits high and dry next to his master and the other is wading in the shallow water as if trying to entice the other one to join him.

The whole scene harkens to a simpler time. Children playing outside and using what they had. Notice the one boy is using a piece of wood as a floatie? The other boy is forever captured splashing his friend.

A little naughty, a little nice and a whole lot sweet is this vintage drawing of children having fun at the watering hole all from the imagination of Elmer Boyd Smith (1860-1943) who both wrote and illustrated The Seashore Book in 1912.

fun at the watering hole

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