Pomeranian Drawing

The Pomeranian is a small dog from Pomerania, a region in central Europe that now includes part of northern Poland and eastern Germany. They are descendants of the German Spitz and are sometimes referred to as Dwarf Spitz due to their small size of 4.2 to 7.7 pounds.

This toy breed of dogs are lively and friendly. Though Mr. Hill claimed these dogs were not smart and unlikely to learn tricks, they are cheerful and “generally free from offensive smell.”

Despite Mr. Hill’s less than glowing description of this dog breed, their charm and small size continue to place them among the top ten breeds of dogs in most of the modern world. And, I suspect many of their owners have indeed been able to teach their Poms a few tricks and would argue their canine friends are quite smart.

This vintage Pomeranian drawing is in the public domain. Whether you are looking for a drawing of this specific breed or a charming dog image, this one might be just the right fit.

Can you just imagine how much work went into a publication from 1882 the size of Hill’s Album of Biography and Art? Thomas E. Hill included illustrations and page decorations on virtually every page. Over 200 of them are now showcased here on Reusable Art and will hopefully make their way to many new projects and explorations in creativity.

Pomeranian Drawing

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