Vintage Drawings of Little Girls

A collection of vintage illustrations from children’s books depicting little girls. Most of these children were drawn during the Golden Age of Illustration by many of the world’s most beloved children’s book illustrators. They are generally wearing clothing from the Victorian Era and many of their outfits are quite elaborate. They are often drawings of what would have been wealthy children who were fortunate enough to wear pretty dresses with lots of lace and ribbons. Many of them are wearing fancy hats and overcoats as well.

As with all drawings of young children from this period, it can sometimes be difficult to tell which drawings are of little girls and which ones depict little boys. I’ve tried my best to identify the drawings appropriately through visual clues as well as the original text.

Girls Out For A Walk

4 little girls out for a walk is a charming book illustration from the artist Florence Scovel Shinn (1871-1940) of 4 girls dressed in winter clothing.

Easter Parade

A young girl has decorated herself and her bike for the Easter Parade.

Dressing Up

A little girl looks into a hand mirror to check if her hat is on straight.