Infants & Babies

There’s nothing in this world as sweet and innocent as a baby. They come into our world so open and ready to see and explore everything. Their sheer wonderment at each new thing they encounter and happy gurgles and coos quickly turn most of us into mush. The group of vintage images here have captured many of those wonderful moments that we all treasure. The first step. The first smile. The group I’ve shared with you cover a little bit of everything. These vintage, copyright free images of infants and babies have been specifically chosen for use by crafters and artists to use in their own projects.

Baby in Highchair

What a fun image Walter Crane has given us in this vintage drawing of a baby in a highchair. The boy sits with his foot on the table and his hands full.

Feeding Time

An unhappy toddler tries to feed their stuffed pony.

Afraid of the Dark

A very small child lays huddled in their crib apparently frightened of the dark.


A young mother gently rocks her baby to sleep in this great vintage baby picture.