Pandora Releases Trouble

Greek mythology tells the tale of Pandora opening a box entrusted with her and Epimetheus. She betrayed that trust and opened the box left by Mercury.

This vintage drawing shows the moment Pandora releases trouble on the world. The winged, stinging and evil creatures stung both children. At the book described it, “whole family of earthly Troubles. There were evil Passions. There were a great many species of Cares. There were more than a hundred and fifty Sorrows. There were Diseases in a vast number of strange and painful shapes. There were more kinds of Naughtiness than it would be of any kind of use to talk about. In short, everything that has since afflicted the souls and bodies of mankind had been shut up in the mysterious box given to Epimetheus and Pandora to be kept safely in order that the happy children of the world might never be molested by them. Had they been faithful to their trust all would have gone well with them. No grown person would ever have been sad, nor any child have had cause to shed a single tear, from that hour until this moment.”

As Pandora and Epimetheus cowered in their cottage and the Troubles spread across the world, they heard another sound – a small voice asking to be let out of the box. It was Hope. And, though they were afraid the two children opened the box a second time and released Hope. Hope had been packed in the box by the Greek Gods to make amends for the swarm of ugly Troubles.

This drawing from Greek Mythology was drawn by Clara M. Burd (1873-1933). I found only one article that talks about her life yet many examples of her work. That one biography mentioned that Burd started her professional career as a stained glass designer, learning her craft at Tiffany studios in New York. She is most well-known for her children’s book illustrations like this one from Wonder Stories – The Best Myths for Boys and Girls, but she also did a number of magazine covers. Her most famous piece is in Ohio. It is a memorial window for President McKinley, who was assassinated in 1901.

pandora releases trouble

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