White Berries Drawing

Vintage white berries drawing from the talented artist Ida Waugh. Three sprigs of greenery and berries that are drawn horizontally across the page.

Chemistry Drawing

This vintage chemistry drawing offers a public domain science image that you can freely use in your own creative projects.

Gothic Sunflower

Gothic sunflower drawing from a design found in Cambridge, England. It was included in a book about symbols in embroidery.

Arctic Fox Drawing

Great botanical book plate and print featuring an arctic fox drawing. The artist included a pair of foxes to show their winter and summer coloring.

Brazilian Umbrella Ant Drawing

Vintage black and white ant drawing from around 1872 of a species of leaf-cutting ants once known as the Brazilian umbrella ant.

Crafty Ideas

A few ideas and short tutorials on working with vintage images from Reusable Art. Learn how to colorize black and white drawings in Photoshop.

Liberty Bell Drawing

Vintage, patriotic Liberty Bell drawing by the artist John A. Hows. The bell in the drawing is not our beloved bell but the symbolism is wonderful.

Cover Girl

Vintage book cover art of a fashionable young woman. This cover girl is the work of Harold Speakman and she is almost 100 years old.

White Breasted Wren Drawing

The bird in this vintage book plate was identified as a white breasted wren. The name might have changed since 1829, but the drawing is still quite lovely.