Fig Tree Drawing

Vintage fig tree drawing from 1867. This black and white, public domain drawing is full of fruit and standing tall.

Fig Plant Drawing

18th century botanical print of a fig plant drawing showing how the plant grows and produces fruit. In full-color and ready to free downloading.

The Fight

Dramatic birds of prey drawing of a pair of vultures fighting over food.

The Fight

Two children fight as a women tries to break it up.

Easter Eggs and flowers

Easter Eggs & Flowers

Vintage Easter eggs and flowers greeting card illustration with a yellow egg, a purple egg with a ribbon, pink roses and a gilded frame.

King Vulture

King vulture drawing from 1887 by F.W. Frohawk. Vintage encyclopedia image showing the large bird of prey sitting on a tree branch.

Waiting for Santa

Waiting for Santa

Waiting for Santa. A sweet vintage Clapsaddle postcard with two little ones desperately trying to catch Santa. One’s already asleep the other is yawning.