A Sæter, Vetle Fjord

A Sæter located on the Vetle Fjord. Sæters were typically homes of milk maids tending to the herds of dairy cattle while they grazed in the highlands in the summer. The author of the book that included this Norwegian landscape, Peeps at Many Lands: Norway, describes Sæters as:
“The outer walls are constructed of fir-trunks, let into one another at the corners on the log-hut principle, and the interior is lined with boarding. In some parts, however, where timber is scarce the buildings are of stone.

The roof consists of rough planks, on which is placed a layer of birch-bark to fill in the cracks; and on the top, again, are laid sods of earth to a thickness of about a foot. Grass and weeds soon cover the roof, binding it together and keeping the rain out.”

We are so glad to help lift this beautiful image out from the pages of a 100-year-old book and make it available for new generations to enjoy.

Whether you are looking for a picture with cows, milk maids, fjords, mountains, or simply a serene landscape; this copyright free image by the artist A. Heaton Cooper (1864-1929) might be just what you need for your next crafting project.

A Sæter, Vetle Fjord

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