Marsh Snail Shell

marsh-snailAnother interesting natural history illustration from a book written by Jane W. Loudon in 1848. It tells of her exploration of the Isle of Wight with her family. She and her family spent a great deal of time learning about the many creatures who call the island home.

In this case, they were discussing the marsh snail or Lymnea communis. The text included this nice black and white marsh snail shell drawing. The marsh snail swims upside down just under the surface of the water. Picture watching a snail move along the bottom of a piece of glass and it is similar to how it must appear when these snails swim.

I haven’t been able to learn more about this species of snail. I can assume from the words of Loudon that this is a freshwater snail that, at least at one time, could be found on a British island in the English Channel.

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