Lizard Drawing with Dewlap

This little lizard isn’t blowing bubbles. He has extended the skin under his neck which is called a dewlap. The anole lizards that we had in our back yard had red dewlaps that they extended to attract females during mating season or ward off predators.

If you’ve seen a lizard extend this flap of skin under their chin, you may also have noticed that they also bob their heads up and down while it is extended.

The first time you see it, it is quite shocking to see this little green lizard suddenly have a bright red balloon-shaped flap of skin extended under their chin.

This vintage lizard drawing isn’t colorized but you now know that anoles are green with red dewlaps, so you can color this one to replicate those colors or whatever colors you want. In 1921, children all over the world were enjoying The Peacock and the Wishing Fairy and all of the wonderful illustrations it contained from Dugald Stewart Walker (1883-1937).

Lizard Drawing with Dewlap

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