Vintage Lighting Images

Vintage drawings and illustrations of candles, candlesticks, lanterns and a variety of other light sources. From pen and ink style drawings, black and white drawings and clip art images this category has something for everyone.

Chandelier Drawing

The Great Church Light, a chandelier drawing to advertise the I.P. Frink light which featured silver-plated corrugated glass or Opal glass reflectors.

Candle Stick Drawing 4

One of four similarly colored candlestick drawings by Ida Waugh. All of them feature a lit candle and all of them are in the public domain.

Candle Stick Drawing 3

Burning CandleOne of a set of four clip art-style candle stick drawings all drawn by the same artist. They all date back to 1881 and are in the public domain.

Burning Candle

Clip art image of a burning candle in an old fashioned candle holder.

Lit Candle Stick Drawing

A pastel colored candle stick drawing; one of four by the same artist with a pastel color scheme. All are in the public domain.

Lit Candle Stick Drawing 2

Old fashioned candle holder. This lit candle stick drawing includes a lit candle with flame. Public domain and free to download; offered by