Mixed Christmas Images

Free vintage Christmas images that do not truly fit in one of our other Christmas image categories. All of the images here are worthy of being used in Christmas cards and other Christmas artwork and all are in the public domain.

Waiting for Santa

Waiting for Santa

Waiting for Santa. A sweet vintage Clapsaddle postcard with two little ones desperately trying to catch Santa. One’s already asleep the other is yawning.

Merry Christmas Sled with Holly Leaves & Berries

A Merry Christmas Sled

A vintage Ellen Clapsaddle holiday card featuring a Merry Christmas sled with holly leaves and berries. Decorated with two red bows and a golden frame.

Christmas Poinsettia

Beautiful and vibrant Christmas poinsettia botanical drawing from 1836. Hand-colored from a vintage botanical magazine.

Christmas Chrysanthemums

A beautiful botanical print of Christmas chrysanthemums by the American artist Sidney Thomas Callowhill (1867-1939). 3 stunning white flowers and leaves.

Christmas angel drawing

Christmas Angel

Christmas angel from a children’s book published by F. Warne & Co. Gilded wings and generally simple lines of an angel holding a choir book or Bible.

Christmas Lesson

Lovely frontispiece from a Christmas story by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

The Nutcracker

Christmas drawing of two children playing with a nutcracker.

Christmas Tree

Two children and their dog bring home the family Christmas tree.