Heron Images

If you have never seen one of these majestic water birds in the wild, you have missed something truly special. Whether a great blue heron or one of the many other species of this tall and stately bird; to see one of these birds trolling the shallows, will be something that you will always remember.

This growing collection of vintage illustrations and drawings of herons can give you an idea of how beautiful and majestic these birds are. Add one or more of these copyright free illustrations to your next art or other creative project.

American Egret

Vintage drawing of a large white bird that the naturalists once called the American egret. Sadly, its lovely tail feathers may have been its downfall.

White Heron

Others might know this stately bird as a great egret, but when I see the birds depicted in this vintage drawing, I always call them white herons.

Flying Heron

Vintage drawing of an Oriental-style flying heron.

Heron Drawing

Vintage drawing of a heron patiently waiting to catch a meal.

Heron Drawing

Wonderful, vintage illustration of a heron standing at the shore.

The Heron

Beautiful line drawing of a wading heron.