Flamingo Images

There’s finally enough flamingo images on Reusable Art to create a separate category for them!

Flamingos have always fascinated me. They are so tall and stately and yet, they have this quirky charm that is entrancing.

If you haven’t been lucky to encounter one of these tall birds in nature or at a zoological park, you might want to check out the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory. They have a resident pair of flamingos – Rhett and Scarlet. The conservatory puts out a daily video of a visit in the greenhouse. They visit with the flamingos, other birds and butterflies. Oh, and we can’t forget about Booger, their resident gecko.

Flamingos are wading birds in the Phoenicopteridae family. The six species of flamingoes (this spelling is accepted as well) are the only members of the family. Four are found in the Americas and two are native to Africa, Asia and Europe. The American flamingo is the most colorful and one of the largest. They can grow to 5 feet tall but weigh between 4 and 8 pounds.

Flamingos are social creatures and while many of our flamingo images are of single birds, they prefer living with other flamingos. One lake in Kenya hosts millions of flamingos who come to feast on a blueish green algae each year. Colonies often number in the tens of thousands with individual flocks having an average of 71 birds.

While many see peacocks as being quite proud of their plumage (and rightly so), it is the peacock that spends a tremendous part of their days preening. Most waterfowl preen around 10% of the day but flamingos preen 15-30% of the day.

I hope you enjoy the flamingo images, drawings and paintings that I’ve found thus far. Like all of the image categories here on Reusable Art, please check back periodically as we are continually adding great new images all the time.

Lesser Flamingo painting by Finch-Davies

Lesser Flamingo

Stunning public domain lesser flamingo print. Work is by Claude Gibney Finch-Davies (1875-1920).

Flamingo Botanical Print

Clean, public domain flamingo botanical print, ready for printing or adding to your own artistic creations.

three flamingos

Three Flamingos

Three flamingos; a painting by the Dutch artist August Allebé (1838-1927).