Chickens & Roosters

A fun and growing collection of copyright free illustrations of chickens and roosters. From encyclopedia-like entries for specific species of fowl to charming little sketches of baby chicks, the chicken images we’ve found are sure to please.

Whether you are looking for a simple chicken drawing or a dramatic full-color rooster image, there’s certain to be something here you can use.

Like all of the bird images on Reusable Art, all of our chicken images are in the public domain.

Vintage book illustration of a chicken family.

Chicken Family

Full-color book illustration of a rooster watching over his chicken family. Public domain and free to download for your own projects.

Vintage Rooster Drawing

Such a proud fellow. Vintage rooster drawing of a strutting rooster. Black and white engraving from 1867.

Grey Chicken Drawing

Chickens can definitely be elegant and beautiful as this vintage grey chicken drawing demonstrates. Both cock and hen have white, gray and black feathers.

Pheasant Fowl

The pheasant fowl is an old, but threatened species of chickens with that resemble pheasants. Pretty birds and a pretty colored drawing for crafting.

Polish Chicken Drawing

No, this is not a recipe. It’s a wonderful, vintage drawing of a rooster and hen. The colored image shows off their golden feathers and elaborate crests.

Malay Chickens Illustration

Vintage, colored malay chickens illustration. A pair of tall and stately birds, the male and female colored so differently. Pretty piece for framing.

Dorking Chicken Drawing

Vintage, partially colored dorking chicken drawing from 1842. A pair of birds are shown on the open ground somewhat protected by grasses and a small bush.

Game Fowl Drawing

Vintage game fowl drawing from a book that dates back to 1842. The male’s bright golden-orange feathers are striking; his other feathers are black.

Spanish Chickens Drawing

Over 160 years old. Colored book plate of a cock and hen in this Spanish chickens drawing. Black with white faces, these birds are quite striking.

Chicken Scratch

It looks like it was constructed a bit like the scene it depicts – chicken scratch. It was drawn by the prolific children’s book illustrator Walter Crane (1845–1915).

Hatching Chicks

Vintage drawing of several chicks hatching from their eggs.

Chicken Chase

A hen and her chicks chase a rooster in this fun vintage drawing.