Vintage Maps

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Mitchell 1858 North America Map

1858 Map of North America

1858 map of North America by Samuel Mitchell. Designed for students, the map is full of historical trivia and added details great for students of history.

Algeria and Tunisia Map

Vintage Algeria and Tunisia map from when both countries were either owned or protected by France. It was included in an 1911 scholarly work.

Alberta Canada Map

Alberta Canada Map

Vintage Alberta Canada map. This Canadian province was founded in 1906 and this map was drawn a few years later around 1910 or 1911.

Alaska Map

Vintage Alaska map from an 1911 encyclopedia. The full state is displayed including the Aleutian Islands.

vintage alabama map

Alabama Map

Vintage Alabama map from 1911. Is your favorite city or town listed? There were half as many incorporated cities, towns and villages as there are now.

africa map

Africa Map

It is from a 1911 encyclopedia but the countries and political designations date all the way back to 1850 in this Africa Map from a well-known encyclopedia.

Afghanistan Map

Historical 1911 Afghanistan map from a public domain encyclopedia. There’s been a lot of changes to that part of the world since then.

map of abyssinia from 1911


Vintage map of abyssinia from the 11th edition encyclopedia from 1911.