Water Plantain

water-platainThe Alismacea is a natural order of monocytyldons – a flowering plant from the Mediterranean and areas up to the south of England. It prefers marshy areas and can be found in gravelly ditches and pools. The water plantain is a member of that plant order and is identified as being a native of Britain. The scientific name of the water plantain is Alisma Plantago. This botanical plant drawing was among the many illustrations in the first volume of an encyclopedia from 1911.

The water plantain grows to about 3 feet tall. The labeled portions of the drawing include 1. Flower; 2. same in vertical section; 3. horizontal plan of flower; and 4. mature fruit (despite carrying the name plantain, this plant is not related to the banana-like fruit producing plants of the same name). The flowers are white, pale pink or lilac and are only open during the daylight hours.

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