Little Girl, The Umbrella & The Rain

I found this charming series of illustrations in a book from over 100 years ago. I called it Little Girl, The Umbrella & The Rain.

This set of images depicts the story of a naughty little girl who sneaks out into the rain and gets a bit more than she bargained for. This charming set of illustrations could easily be used to create an original story by a child or used individually as each drawing in the series is charming in it’s own right.

The same artist also drew this umbrella stand drawing which might make a great addition to the story this collection of copyright free images already tells.

Out in the Rain

A little girl struggles to get her umbrella open in this charming vintage image.

Caught in the Rain

A little girl huddles over to protect her favorite dolly after getting caught out in the rain.

Overtaken by Wind

A little girl caught out in the rain is overtaken by the wind as her umbrella turns inside out.

Defeated by Rain

A little girl is defeated by the rain storm that she snuck out into in this vintage drawing.