Mixed Greek Mythological Images

Greek mythology has given us so many wonderful heroes and villains. Some are talked about more than others and therefore there are simply more vintage images of them to be found. This group of mythological figures are no less important to Greek mythology, they are simply those that I haven’t found as many drawings of and don’t warrant their own categories – at least, not yet.

Satyr Drawing

Vintage Satyr drawing from a book of fables by Aesop. Arthur Rackham was able to blend the original goat-like features with the later, more human-like ones.

Drawing of Centaurs

A pair of centaurs are the focal point of this vintage black and white image.

Drawing of Harpies

Greek Mythology brings us the story of the harpy which is depicted in this vintage drawing.

The Centaur

Drawing depicting the half-man / half-horse centaur of Greek mythology searching for food.

Pegasus Drawing

A powerful figure from Greek Mythology, Pegasus is depicted here as a buggy horse.

Siren Drawing

A beautiful siren sits upon a rocky cliff attempting to lure a passing boat onto the rocks.