Copyright Free Bug Images

These little fellows are no less important than the other insect image categories here on Reusable Art but we just have fewer pictures of them so we’ve grouped them all together. From the realistic to the artistic, these copyright free bug images would be perfect for your next project where a little insect activity might be a good thing.

Tactocenmis dragonfly drawing

Tatocnemis Dragonfly

Black and white, public domain Tatocnemis dragonfly drawing from 1889. Add your own colors or use it as is.


Vintage silverfish drawing from 1910. I hate these things but I like this drawing. It shows the segmented body and giant antennae.

Bird Flea

Vintage bird flea drawing from 1876. Thank goodness these parasites aren’t as large as the drawing.

Goliath Stick Insect Drawing

Vintage, black and white goliath stick insect drawing. These bugs can grow up to 8 inches long and are native of Australia.

Drawing of Mites

You get four bug drawings in one with these four mite images.