Can you find the whale in this picture?

Can you find the whale in this picture? You might not find him hiding among the waves but I bet you can spot where he is in the picture – or at least where he is in relation to the water’s surface.

It’s been so much fun working with all of these animal drawings from Oliver Herford (1863-1935) and A Child’s Primer of Natural History. He adds so much charm and humor to his work. How fun on a book about animals and sealife to have a drawing that doesn’t actually include the animal?

In this vintage, black and white sealife image, we are looking across the waves at a large water spout jetting above the sea. There’s no whale in sight but we know he’s there from the flying water.

I suppose with a little editing you could turn this into a plain ocean drawing. But, what would the fun be in that?

Can you find the whale in this picture?

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