Girl With Dogs

Isn’t this bit of vintage cover art sweet? A little girl with dogs sits on what appears to be a train bench. Perhaps one doggie is a girl and the other a boy, since the one dog is sporting a pretty pink bow?

This drawing appeared on the front cover of a children’s book from 1883 entitled Toots and His Friends. This drawing has a bit of a signature that I can’t make out and it doesn’t appear to match the name of the author – Kate Tannatt Woods.

While I usually talk about the illustrators or the images themselves, I thought Woods’ story is the interesting one here. She was born in 1836. Her husband, George H. Woods was a prominent officer in the Civil War. She served as a nurse. He was severely wounded and she was able to care for him. The biography I read didn’t mention how badly he was hurt but it appears she become the family breadwinner after the war. She wrote for a number of news and lady’s magazines. She also wrote a number of books for young people which were published between 1879 and 1897.

The book from which this drawing of a little girl with dogs came from tells the tale of a child named Toots. He, had a lot of little friends and the book tells us a little about each of them. Unfortunately, I am not sure which friend is the one who was featured on the cover. She is sitting on what looks to be a train or carriage bench with two dogs – both of which appear to be Spaniels. The drawing is full color, though it seems a little dull. I did try to brighten it up a bit but I didn’t want to really change the colors on it.

Hopefully it will prove useful. If not anything else, hopefully its charm will bring you a smile.

boy with dogs

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