Garden Marker

Ever wonder how to make nice straight rows to plant garden seeds into. This gardening tool was the perfect solution in 1867.

The garden marker would trace lines upon the surface of the ground. The February 1867 American Agriculturist reviewed this double marker, along with a number of other gardening tools. The double marker has two sets of teeth. One is 9 inches apart and the other is 12. All gardeners needed to do was flip the rake from one side to the other to change sizes.

I’ve seen these at antique stores before and always thought they were some sort of rake. The way this engraving was done, you could leave the lines that represent dirt or carefully edit them out to have just the tool

vintage garden market drawing

The vintage illustration with this vintage garden implement is shown here in a smaller size, so it doesn’t stretch out the page. If you would like to see the full-sized version of this drawing, just click on the one shown above.

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