Golden Eagle Illustration

This vintage bird illustration of a golden eagle includes a drawing of an eagle bird perched on a rock along with scientific drawings of a foot and beak. Luckily for us, this golden eagle illustation is in color so we can all admire how beautiful these birds are.

If you have never seen a golden eagle before, they are quite large birds that are very striking for both their size and their coloring. I once encountered one of these birds in the wild. It was simply standing on the side of the road. It was so huge, I thought it was a dog as I was approaching it. I probably came close to running off the road when I realized it was a bird. It was an awesome sight. I learned from the next day’s paper that he was an unusual guest in our area as they typically weren’t found as far south as North Carolina and in coastal areas.

Golden eagles weight just under 9 pounds and can be as tall as 40 inches or 102 cm tall. Their wingpsan ranges from 71 – 92 inches or 1.8 – 2.34 meters. How big is that? Think about a typical yardstick. Hold one out from each of your arms and that’s about the size of these birds.

Along with this full-color golden eagle illustration, I have also found a golden eagle bird nest drawing to share with you.

The title of this book Birds of Prey, Prang’s Natural History Series for Children bears the name of the publisher. The author was Norman Allison Calkins and the book was published without identifying an illustrator in 1878.

Golden Eagle Illustration

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