Hanging Stockings

Whether we actually had a fireplace or not, one of my fondest memories of Christmas is hanging our stockings. Mine has always been shaped like a pair of red Doctor Dentin’s complete with backside flap and snaps, Mom’s has been a pair of red pantaloons with lace trim, grandmother’s was a green Victorian boot that Mom made from a sewing kit and my father’s was a running joke in that it was almost as big as he was.

Our current home does have a real fireplace and every year our stockings are indeed hung from the mantle. We only have two now, four if you count the one’s for our two pampered felines, but half the fun is finding little what-knots to fill them with.

In our family, Christmas stockings were generally filled with little gifts that often had a story attached or were just silly. The silliest gift was the year I took a bag of Hershey’s Kisses and turned it into around 20 little packages to help fill up Daddy’s giant stocking. Some packages contained a dozen or so of the chocolate treats and others contains just one or two. It took forever to wrap them and probably an hour or two to unwrap all of them. That joke turned into one of our most treasured family traditions.

Fond memorials of happy Christmases are what I hope this ever-growing collection of copyright free Christmas images will mean to you and your family. To the best of my knowledge all of the drawings about hanging stockings for Christmas are in the public domain. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and make them a part of your Christmas festivities.

Opening the Stockings

It’s Christmas morning and it’s time for opening the stockings. Drawing of a child showing another child and her dolly the great treasure she has received.

Waiting for Santa

Three young children impatiently wait the arrival of Santa Claus.

Christmas Stockings

…and the stockings were hung on the chimney with care…a great vintage Christmas image of Christmas Stockings by Jessie Wilcox Smith.