Mixed Bird Pix

A collection of bird pix that do not fit in any of our other categories. Please keep in mind that as Reusable Art grows we will be continuously adding new categories and bird images you have found here in the past may have been moved to a more specific category.

All of these bird images are copyright free and in the public domain in most countries and are downloadable for free.

Evening Song

So many wonderful bird illustrations from Harrison Weir and this one is no exception. A bird on a branch serenading the setting sun with an evening song.

Bustard Drawing

160+ year-old bustard drawing and engraving. They are large, terrestrial birds with long legs and brown feathers. Drawing should print 8×10 inches.

White Bird

Vintage white bird drawing of a bird that may have existed hundreds of years ago. This pretty bird drawing is based upon descriptions and bones.


Fuertes illustration of a bluebird.


Two birds sit together on a small fence contemplating their reflection in the pond water.

Birds Drawing

Drawing of a wide variety of birds from around the world.